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1952 Zenith Balwadi (Pre-School) was started

With an aim to uplift the society and bring educational reform in the Alvi community, a pre-school was started by Alvi Jamat Trust.

Huseinabai Charitable Trust was formed

Later the legacy of Alvi Jamat Trust was handed over to the Barodawala Family for their concern over the community. With a farsighted vision of Mr. Mohammed Hussain Barodawala and Mr. Sultan Ali Barodawala, Huseinabai Charitable Trust was formed to provide modern education facilities without much financial burden for the students.

Responsibility handed over to Mr. Abbasi Barodawala

The Responsibility of the School was handed over to a young and enthusiastic Mr. Abbasi Barodawala. His vision led the school towards the all-round development and it stands today as an institution providing maximum facilities to the students at a minimum cost.

The school shifted to Pratapnagar

In the year 1969, the school was shifted to Pratapnagar (present location), as a centre of excellence and temple of learning for the children of the surrounding areas.

Managing Trustee of Huseinabai Charitable Trust

In the year 1999, Mr. Abbasi Barodawala took over the charge as the Managing Trustee of Huseinabai Charitable Trust.

Commerce Section Building

A new commerce section building was inaugurated to cater to the evolving needs of the school community and support student needs.

Language Lab

To develop and refine the English language skills among the students, “Language Lab” was set up with the collaboration of H. M. Patel Institute of English Training and Research.

Pancham (Science and Math Fair)

As a part of 50 years celebration, State Level Math and Science Fair – “Pancham” was organised. This 3 day exposition helped students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific principles and mathematical concepts.

Advanced Computer Labs

Advanced computer labs were established to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate the rapidly evolving digital world.

Audio-Visual Learning (T.V.’s)

To provide access to a vast array of educational resources and interactive learning materials, audio-visual learning was introduced in the classrooms with the help of various software based programs.


A child development program based on Visual Arithmetic and Abacus that boosts brain power in children was introduced for the students of grade 2 to 7.

Math Lab

To provide an opportunity to the students to understand, internalise, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through objects and Geometric Sketch Pad, “Math Lab” was inaugurated in collaboration with NIIT e-guru.

X-seed Curriculum

The “X-seed” curriculum was introduced for pre-primary and primary students to facilitate a multi-step learning process involving action, reflection, and feedback.

Interactive Boards

To enhance the learning experience, promote interactivity and engagement among the students and teachers, Smart Boards were installed in all the classrooms from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

Pancham (Science and Math Fair)

To promote STEM education, hands-on learning, critical thinking, creativity, confidence, and various life skills, a state level Math and Science Fair was organised for the students. It also raised a sense of achievement and enthusiasm for science and mathematics, which had long-lasting positive effects on the students.


To improve health and fitness levels in our primary students, “Edu-Sports” programme was implemented. It had different modules specifically designed to address the critical needs of children through physical activities and sports.

Eureka Active Science Learning

“Eureka Active Science Learning” or Hands on Experiment was started for grades 4 to 8. It demonstrated students how to conduct experiments through the zest of scientific argument and logical reasoning.

Robotics Lab

“Robotics Labs” were started in collaboration with Think LABS, to motivate our students towards science and re-inventing education in technology. It also instilled scientific temper in students through innovative model making.

Iken Science Lab

To promote inquisitiveness among the students of Grade 8 & 9, “I-Ken Scientifica” Labs were set up in the school. These experiments encouraged the students to ask questions, conduct experiments, analyse data, and draw conclusions during their projects.

3D Curriculum

A first of its kind in the state, “3D Curriculum” was integrated in collaboration with 3-D Exter for Grades 3 to 8. It focused on core subject values which enhanced the aptitude in every child and enabled them to innovate through technology.

Indoor Sports Stadium

To provide a safe, versatile, and accessible space for a wide range of sports and physical activities, an “Indoor Sports Stadium”, was constructed inside the school premises. It enables the children to play various games like, basket-ball, hand-ball, badminton, table tennis and many more.

70 Years of Excellence in Education

The School celebrated “70 Years of Excellence in Education” as an opportunity to reflect on the institution’s legacy, achievements, and contributions to education and society. It brought together the school community, inspired future generations, and underscored the importance of education in shaping individuals and communities over the years.