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Zenith School alumni are the living testament to the enduring impact of education. They carry the torch of their alma mater’s values, inspire current students, and contribute to the ongoing success of our institution. As proud ambassadors of our school, they represent a legacy of learning, growth, and a shared commitment to making the world a better place.


Hear from our Alumni:

An incredible education and lasting impact the institution has had on my life. The school's emphasis on discipline has shaped me into a more organized and focused individual. The school fosters an inclusive community where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and grow, creating a sense of camaraderie and respect.

Dr Pooja Birwatkar- Batch 1994I/C Principal, K. J. Somaiya College of Education, Mumbai

Zenith High School significantly influenced my medical career path, offering academic excellence, a nurturing environment, and unwavering support. The faculty and staff shaped my ethical framework and provided a strong foundation for personal growth and character development.

Dr. Murtaza Salim-Batch 1994M.D. Practitioner, Aziz Hospital, Vadodara

Zenith School provided high-quality education to me from Grade 6 to 12. At that time there were facilities like digital classrooms, modern libraries, playgrounds, and canteens. Teachers of Zenith played a vital role in shaping my career.

Dr. Chirag Patel - Assistant Professor, Medical College, Dahod

I am grateful to Zenith School for all my achievements during the journey of my schooling i.e. K.G. to 12 th Science. In the beginning I was an average student but my teachers ignited the spark within me to do things innovatively. U. C. Mas made my Math very good and it transformed me into a human calculator. Under the proper guidance of my teachers, I was able to make “Solar Cycle”, which was selected at National Level Science Fair, Guwahati.

Neel Shah – Pursuing B.Sc. Physics, Innovator of Solar Cycle

Zenith School’s friendly, cooperative teachers and excellent practical work contributed significantly in my career which helped me to join the medical field. The infrastructure of the school is very good & it strives to be updated with time.

Dr. Vicky Gandhi - Orthopedic Surgeon

I have studied in zenith school since senior K.G. Zenith School was the first step to my success. Along with education, lot of other activities are done by the school like sports, music, and drawing. The school has the facility of doctor and counsellor. Teachers also do the career counselling to help the students in future.

Nidhi Kahar - PhD in applied chemistry Designation JRF (Junior research fellow)

I am really grateful to Zenith School, for offering me numerous opportunities in academic and performing arts. The exceptional teachers and trustee, Shri Abbasi, have shown unwavering faith in my abilities and supported my personal and intellectual growth. Their unwavering love and guidance have fostered a nurturing environment where I have thrived academically and discovered my passion for the performing arts. The school's unwavering support and love have shaped my educational experience, fostering boundless possibilities and endless growth.

Darshan Bhatt - Batch 2013LECTURER & Ph. D Scholar

Zenith School offers quality education for personal and professional growth, focusing on nation-building and educating the nation rather than just making money. Students are proud of their teachers and facilities.

Fouzan Salman Giletwala-Batch 1993Businessman, Dubai

Thank you Zenith-my Alma mater for providing a strong educational foundation and fostering a conducive learning environment. The dedicated teachers and diverse range of extracurricular activities allowed me to explore my interests, develop essential skills, and gain valuable experiences that have greatly influenced my professional journey.

Major Chintan Parmar-Batch 2007M.Sc. PG Diploma in Weaponry and Mil tactics, Instructor in Gunnery.

The name "Zenith" to me is reminiscent of the joyous and cheerful days of my childhood spent with the people who've had an everlasting impression on my mind. My school and my teachers have left no stone unturned in making me the man I can proudly say I am today. Zenith not only takes care of the academics but also helps inculcate moral and ethical values in its students which has helped me immensely in building my professional career as a practising Chartered Accountant.

C.A. Fayazan Dabhoiwala- Batch 2010

Zenith School, a prominent institution of my childhood, provided a diverse range of activities and enriching experiences for me. The teachers were knowledgeable, passionate, and exhibited kindness and empathy towards individual needs, fostering my growth as a strong individual. I cherish the memories of my school days and feel immensely grateful for my time at Zenith School.

Chandramukhi Mairal-Batch 2011Health Education Coordinator at Diamond Dental Clinic in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.

A microcosm of India, Zenith provided a cosmopolitan culture that imbibed the best of tolerance and acceptance in me which further led me to better development of people skills. Sound curriculum, encouraging and supportive teachers with the best infrastructure for extracurricular sports, karate and other activities have made all the difference to my life.

Dr. Dhiren N. Parmar-Batch 2012Assistant Professor (Temporary) of English, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara.

The discipline, the diversity, the love from Teachers and inclusiveness is what I learnt at my beloved School so much so that even today, it gives me an immense amount of strength to blossom through my entire life and my career. I will never forget the positivity instilled in me until I die.

Amit Masand-Batch 2001Sr. Vice President of Sales, Cyber-Solve, U.S.

Zenith School significantly impacted my development, offering top-notch education and extracurricular activities. From LKG to 12th grade, the school organized professional sports, science events, and musical events. The school's marching band was unique, and the musical instruments taught included strings, percussions, tabla, dholak, flutes, piccolos, and trumpets. On a personal note, I also found my life partner here.

Aditya Mairal-Batch 2011Pursuing Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University and working at the Center for Advanced Energy Systems, U.S.

I am really thankful to my parents for enrolling me in Zenith School for my education. It is a place where we learned not only various subjects but also moral values, good conduct, honesty, and discipline. Teachers were mentors and life-coaches, as they encouraged us to participate in extracurricular activities, such as drawing, elocution, music, dance, sports, karate, science fairs, mathematics workshops, and craft mworkshops. This experience nurtured me into an all-rounder and above all a good citizen. I will always be grateful to Zenith and their teachers.

Amrina Faruki – Indian Railway as Divisional Commissioner inspector

Zenith School, Vadodara, is a quality education institution that instils good values and nurtures students' skills for life success. I cherished the formative years spent as a student from 1984-1997, where I learnt punctuality, discipline, dedication, teamwork, and helping others. The School provided me with opportunities to participate in various activities, earn a green card, and develop strong values and communication skills. I hope that Zenith School continues to develop students into strong, humble individuals who can positively impact the world.

Dr. Kannan Iyer – Batch 1997Assistant Professor, IITRAM University, Ahmedabad

The Legacy of Zenith School is to promote students' holistic development. With extensive sports programmes in schools, children's physical, mental, social, and emotional development leads to the learning of life skills. Latest sports infrastructure has always help to achieve new height in future.

Dr. Vikas Prajapati – Batch 2000Assistant Director, Physical Education, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

I credit Zenith, its faculty and the fostering inclusive environment for my overall character development in the formative years. The lessons learnt in classrooms, the matches played on the hallowed basketball court & sports ground and the countless hours spent on drama/ elocution stages have had the most profound impact in shaping the personality I am, and helping me achieve in personal and professional life.

Parijat M. Chaudhary – Batch 2008Lead - Strategy & Global Operations at Tala (a US based Fin-Tech Company) B. Tech., Nirma Institute of Technology MBA Finance, IIM Trichy

Zenith, the epitome of secular solidarity shall hold an unforgettable impression on me, for the zeal of teachers, sound curriculum, sports infrastructure and opportunities. I ascribe my school for its contribution in nurturing me with the requisite skills which enabled me to have dreams and fulfil them.

Ashfaqhussain A. Shaikh – Batch 2008Risk Market Analyst, Trafigura, Geneva, Switzerland, MBA Finance, IIM, Kozhikode