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To enhance overall development, explore interests, and build important skills among the students, activities beyond academics are planned in Zenith School. These activities help students to become a well-rounded individual and provide opportunities for personal growth and social interaction.

Inter House Competitions

Students are engaged in competitions such as Olympiad Examinations, Science & Math fairs, Spelling bees, Debate tournaments, Essay Writing, Cooking Competition, Rangoli Design making and many more. These inter-house competitions challenge students’ intellectual abilities, foster critical thinking, and improve their problem-solving skills.

Performing Arts

The school offers various art forms such as Dance, Drama, Vocals and Music (Classical and Western) to all the students. It is mandatory for the students of class 3 onwards to select any one form of art. These activities offer a unique and enriching experience for students, nurturing their creativity, confidence, communication skills, and empathy.

Fine Arts

The school allows all its students to flourish in different genres of the modern world. With this aim, drawing, painting and craft classes are conducted regularly during the school hours for all the students. These classes not only nurtures artistic abilities but also promotes cognitive, emotional, and social development. It fosters creativity, critical thinking, observation skills, and cultural appreciation.

Trips and Tours

Field trips and excursions offer a unique and enriching educational experience. The school organizes various trips to complement classroom learning, foster engagement and motivation, provide real-world contexts, and contribute to students’ overall development. By expanding students’ horizons and creating memorable experiences, field trips have a lasting impact on their learning journey.

Personality Traits

Scouts & Guides and S.P.C.C. programs in school offer a holistic and enriching experience for students. They promote character development, outdoor skills, leadership, community engagement, personal growth, and social skills. These programs instill values, foster a sense of belonging, and prepare students to be responsible, active citizens in their communities.

Cultural Events

To promote cultural awareness, appreciation, and understanding among the students, various events are organized throughout the year. Our Founder’s Day, Annual Day, Annual Sports Meet, Zenith ka Baazigar and various festivals are celebrated to foster creativity and personal growth of the students to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

Seminars and Workshops

The school organizes various workshops for parents and students which offer a range of benefits, including knowledge sharing, skill development, parental involvement, support, empowerment, and improved outcomes. These workshops contribute to creating a positive and nurturing educational environment that fosters the growth and success of both parents and students.

Exceptional workshops for teachers are organized including professional development, skill enhancement, collaboration, reflective practice, access to new resources, and support for diverse learners. These workshops contribute to the growth, effectiveness, and job satisfaction of teachers, ultimately enhancing the educational experience and outcomes for students.

Student Council

The student council in school provides a platform for students to have a voice, develop leadership skills, engage in community service, foster school spirit, and promote democratic values. It empowers students, enhances their personal growth, and prepares them to become active participants in society.

The council consists of Head Boy, Head Girl, House Head Teachers, House Captains/Vice-Captains, House Marshalls and Custodians.